Section 7: Students

Table of Contents
7 10 Equal Educational Opportunities
7 10-E Exhibit – Equal Educational Opportunities Within the School Community
7:10-E1 Exhibit – Equity Plan and Procedure
7 10-AP1 Administrative Procedure – Accommodating Transgender Students or Gender Non-Conforming Students
7 15 Student and Family Privacy Rights
7:15-E Exhibit-Notification to Parents of Family Privacy
7 20 Harassment of Students Prohibited
7:20-AP Administrative Procedure-Harassment of Students Prohibited
7 30 Student Assignment and Intra-District Transfer
7:40 Nonpublic School Students, Including Parochial and Home-Schooled Students
7:40-AP  AP-Placement of Nonpublic School Students Transferring Into the District
7 50 School Admission and Student Transfers To and From Non-District Schools
7:50-AP AP-School Admissions and Student Transfers To and From Non-District Schools
7 60 Residence
7 60-AP1 Administrative Procedure – Challenging a Student’s Residence Status
7 60-AP2 Establishing Student Residency
7 60-AP2,E1 Exhibit-Letter of Residence from Landlord in Lieu of Lease
7 60-AP2,E2 Exhibit-Letter of Residence to Be Used when the Person Seeking to Enroll a Student is Living with A district Resident
7 60-AP2,E3 Exhibit-Evidence of Non-Parent’s Custody, Control, and Responsibility of a Student
7:60-E4 Non-Resident Agreement
7:60-R Exhibit – Proof of Residency
7:70 Attendance and Truancy
7 80 Release Time for Religious Instruction/Observance
7 90 Release During School Hours
7:100 Health, Eye, and Dental Examinations: Immunizations; and Exclusion of Students
7 130 Student Rights & Responsibilities
7 140 Search and Seizure
7 140-AP AP-Use of Metal Detectors for Student Safety
7 140-E Exhibit-Letter to Parents/Guardians Regarding the Right to Privacy in the School Setting Act
7 150 Agency and Police Interviews
7:150-AP AP-Agency and Police Interviews
7 160 Student Appearance
7 165 School Uniforms
7:165-AP AP-School Uniforms
7 170 Vandalism
7 180 Preventing Bullying, Intimidation, and Harassment
7:180-AP1 Administrative Procedure – Prevention, Identification, Investigation, and Response to Bullying
7 180-AP1,E1 Exhibit-Resource Guide for Bullying Prevention
7 180-AP1,E2 Exhibit-Be a Hero by Reporting Bullying
7 180-AP1,E3 Exhibit-Memo to Staff Regarding Bullying
7 180-AP1,E4 Exhibit-Memo to Parents/Guardians Regarding Bullying
7 180-AP1,E5 Exhibit-Report Form for Bullying
7 180-AP1,E6 Exhibit-Interview Form for Bullying Investigation
7 180-AP1,E7 Exhibit-Response to Bullying
7 185 Teen Dating Violence Prohibited
7:185-E Exhibit – Memo to Parents/Guardians Regarding Teen Dating Violence
7:190 Student Discipline
7:190-AP1 Student Handbook-Hazing Prohibited
7 190-AP2 Student Handbook-Gang Activity Prohibited
7 190-AP3 Administrative Procedure – Guidelines for Reciprocal Reporting of Criminal Offenses Committed by Students
7 190-AP4 Administrative Procedure – Use of Isolated Time Out and Physical Restraint
7:190-AP5 Student Handbook – Electronic Devices
7:190-AP6 Administrative Procedure – Guidelines for Investigating Sexting Allegations
7:190-AP7 Administrative Procedure – Student Discipline Guidelines
7 190-AP8 Administrative Procedure – Student Re-Engagement Guidelines
7 190-E1 Exhibit – Aggressive Behavior Reporting Letter and Form
7:190-E2 Exhibit – Student Handbook Checklist
7:190-E3 Exhibit – Memorandum of Understanding
7 190-E4 Exhibit – Acknowledgement of Receiving Student Behavior Policy and Student Conduct
7:200 Suspension Procedures
7 200-E1  Exhibit-Notice of Out-of-School Suspension for 3 School Days
7 200-E2 Exhibit-Notice of Out-of-School Suspension for 4 School Days
7 200-E3 Exhibit-Notice of Out-of-School Suspension for 5 School Days
7-200-E4 Exhibit-Reflection Questionnaire for Students In School Suspension (ISS) or Out of School Suspension (OSS)
7 210 Expulsion Procedures
7 210-E1 Exhibit – Notice of Expulsion Hearings
7 220 Bus Conduct
7:220-AP Admin Procedure -Electronic Recordings on School Buses
7 230 Misconduct by Students with Disabilities
7 240 Conduct Code for Participants in Extracurricular Activities
7:240-AP1 Admin Procedure – Code of Conduct for Extracurricular Activities
7:240-AP2  Admin Procedure – Extracurricular Drug and Alcohol Testing Program
7 240-AP2,E1 Exhibit – Consent to Participate in Extracurricular Drug and Alcohol Testing Program
7:250 Student Support Services
7:250-AP1 AP-Measures to Control the Spread of Head Lice at School
7:250-AP2 AP-Protocol for Responding to Students with Social, Emotional, or Mental Health Needs
7:260 Exemption from Physical Activity
7:270 Administering Medicines to Students
7:270-AP1 Admin Procedure – Dispensing Medication
7:270-AP2 Admin Procedure – Checklist for District Supply of Undesignated Asthma Medication, Epinephrine Injectors, and/or Opiod Antagonists
7:270-E1 Exhibit – School Medication Authorization Form
7270_E2 Exhibit – School Medication Authorization Form – Medical Cannibis
7 275 Orders to Forgo Life-Sustaining Treatment
7 280 Communicable and Chronic Infectious Disease
7:280-AP  AP-Managing Students with Communicable or Infectious Diseases
7:280-E1 Exhibit – Placement of Students with Aids
7:280-E2 Exhibit – Reporting and Exclusion Requirements for Common Communicable Diseases
7:280-E3 Exhibit – Prevention of Staphylococcal Infections for Schools
7 285 Food Allergy Management Program
7:285-AP AP-Implementing a Food Allergy Management Program
7:290 Adolescent Suicide Awareness and Prevention Programs
7:290-AP AP-Adolescent Suicide and Crisis Intervention
7 300 Extracurricular Athletics
7 300-E1 Exhibit-Agreement to Participate
7:300-E2 Exhibit – Certificate of Physical Fitness for Participation in Athletics
7 300-E3 Exhibit – Authorization for Medical Treatment
7:305 Student Athlete Concussions and Head Injuries
7:305-AP Administrative Procedure-Program for Managing Student Athlete Concussions and Head Injuries
7 310 Restrictions on Publications
7 310-AP Administrative Procedure – Guidelines for Student Distribution of Non-School Sponsored Publications
7:315-AP AP-Guidelines for Student Distribution of Non-School Sponsored Publications; High Schools
7 325 Student Fund-Raising Activities
7 325-E Exhibit-Application and Procedures to Solicit Students for Fund-Raising
7 330 Student Use of Buildings – Equal Access
7 330-E Exhibit – Request Form for Non Curricular Student Groups to Use School Facilities
7 340 Student Records
7 340-AP1 Admin Procedure-School Student Records
7 340-AP1, E1 Exhibit-Notice to Parents/Guardians and Students of Their Rights Concerning a Student’s School Records
7 340-AP1,E2 Using a Photograph or Video of a Student
7 340, AP1, E3 DELETE
7 340, AP1- E4 DELETE
7 340-AP1,E5 Exhibit-Biometric Information Collection Authorization
7 340-AP2 AP-Storage and Destruction of School Student Records
7 340-AP2,E1 Exhibit-Letter Containing Schedule for Destruction of School Student Records