Section 3: General School

Table of Contents
3 10 Goals and Objectives
3 30 Chain of Command
3 30-E  Exhibit – Organizational Chart for Administration
3:40 Superintendent
3:40-E Exhibit – Checklist for the Superintendent Employment Contract Negotiation Process
3 50 Administrative Personnel Other Than the Superintendent
3:50-E1 Evaluation For Principal
3:50-E2 Evaluation for Assistant Principal-Student Services
3:50-E2A Evaluation for Assistant Principal – Elementary
3:50-E2B Evaluation for Assistant Principal – Junior High
3:50-E4 Ten/Twelve Month Clerk & Secretary Evaluation Form
3:50-E5 Ten Month Supervisor of Technical Support System Evaluation
3:50-E6 Speech Lang Pathologist/Para-professional Evaluation
3:50-E7 School School Social Worker Evaluation
3:50-E8 School Nurse Evaluation
3:50-E9 Summative Evaluation for Media Specialist
3 50-E10 Custodian Evaluation
3:50-E11 Lead Night Custodian Evaluation
3:50-E12 Evaluation for Teachers
3:50-E13  Librarian Evaluation Instrument
3:50-E14  Psychologist Evaluation Instrument
3:50-E15  Physical Education Teacher Evaluation Instrument
3:50-E16  Arts Teacher Evaluation Instrument
3:50-E17 Coach Teacher Evaluation Instrument
3:50-E18 Extra Duty Evaluation
3 60 Administrative Responsibility of the Building Principal
3:60-E Exhibit – Event Reporting and Notice Requirements for Building Principal Concerning School Safety and Security
3 70 Succession of Authority
3 70-AP AP-Succession Plan